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Tobiano Horse WebRing HTML Fragment Code

After submission, your site will be reviewed by the ringmanager. All applicants must have one of the approved codes (HTML or Navigation Bar) displayed on the URL you submitted.
If you do not wish to use the Navigation Bar code for any reason, then use the HTML fragment below. It will look like this on your page...

Tobiano Horse Ring LogoThis site is a member of the
Tobiano Horse WebRing
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Cut & Paste the code below on the exact page URL you submitted

<p align="center"><table><tr valign=middle><td><img src="thwlogo4.gif" alt="Tobiano Horse Ring Logo" width="50" height="50" border="1"><td width="4"><td align="center">This site is a member of the<br><a href=""><b>Tobiano Horse WebRing</b></a><br><small><a href=" ID NUMBER HERE&prev" target="_top">Previous</a> &nbsp; <a href=" ID NUMBER HERE&hub" target="_top">List Sites</a> &nbsp; <a href=" ID NUMBER HERE&next" target="_top">Next</a> </small></table></p>

Download this logo right click here by centering your cursor over it, right click on the logo and choose "Save Picture As", or "Save Image As". Then upload it into your web site directory. Please do not reference it directly from this page.

How to "Cut & Paste"

Hold your left mouse key down across the body of the code below to highlight it. Then release the key - click "edit" on your browser's toolbar and select "copy." Place mouse pointer at the insertion point of your document, (where you want the code to go) and click. Then go back to "edit" on your browser's toolbar and click "paste." The "cut & paste" moves the entire code at once. Still having problems with cut & paste? Try clicking here.
IMPORTANT NOTE:   You must add your own personal ID NUMBER where it says "YOUR ID NUMBER HERE". After you submit your site you will be given an ID NUMBER. In order for the HTML code above to work on your site, you will need to add you number in 3 places. For example: The Tobiano Horse WebRing homepage ID NUMBER is 1, so our code for the ID number looks like this:
<a href="" target="_top">Previous</a> &nbsp; <a href="" target="_top">List Sites</a> &nbsp; <a href="" target="_top">Next</a>

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